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zigbee so2 gas detection system

zigbee so2 gas detection system

2019-2-25According to the development of gas monitoring technology at home and abroad, a design scheme of industrial waste gas monitoring system based on ZigBee is put forward. The system is mainly composed of single chip microcomputer, gas concentration detection module, analog-to-digital conversion module, display module, key press, buzzer and wireless communication module.

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  • 4-20ma HCL gas detector alarm
    4-20ma HCL gas detector alarm

    Gas Detector, Hcn Detector, Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Detector manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 4-20mA / RS485 Output Fixed Gas Alarm (HCN), Nox Handheld Nitrogen Oxides Gas Monitor, SGS Multi Gas 1-12 Gases Analyzer Hydrogen Fluorine Handheld Gas Analyzer (HF) and so on.

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  • 12v 3 in 1
    12v 3 in 1

    3.7V9V,12V,3.7V9V,12V___。 3.7V9V,12V PL7512A PULAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Non-Synchronous PWM Boost Converter Features Supply Voltage Operating Range: 2.7V to 12V Adjustable Output up to 13V Internal Fixed PWM frequency: 400KHz Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 1.2V (±2%) Internal 15mΩ, 10A, 14V Power …

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  • 500ppm chlorine gas detection
    500ppm chlorine gas detection

    2017-5-19Portable Gas Detection Equipment l Robust l Effective warning l Flexible ... Chlorine (CL 2) Flammable Fluorine (F 2) Hydrogen (H 2) Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) ... Phosphine (PH 3) Phosgene (COCL) Sulfur dioxide (SO 2) Range 0-500ppm 0-100ppm 0-500ppm 0-5% 0-20ppm 0-100% LEL 0-1ppm 0-2000ppm 0-25ppm 0-10 ppm 0-100 ppm 0-100 ppm 0-20 ppm 0-25% 0-1 ...

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  • 3m gas detector
    3m gas detector

    A variety of single or multi-gas detectors are offered in compact, lightweight designs— from simple alarm-only units to advanced, fully configurable and serviceable instruments. Applications include underground utilities vaults, boiler rooms, post-fire sites, sewers, industrial plants, industrial hygiene, first responder crews and remote fleets.

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  • rs485 propane gas module
    rs485 propane gas module

    2020-10-20- Main module: 181mm x 136mm x 56mm - LPG module: 136 mm x 78 mm x 56 mm (incl. measurement chamber) Weight - Main module - 400g, - LPG module - 155g Two Gas Detector "DUOmaster CO/LPG H/EP/RS485-B" is designed for use in stationary systems for detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Propane-Butane (LPG) outside explosive zones, for concealed ...

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  • NDIR smart sensor Gas Concentration Detector
    NDIR smart sensor Gas Concentration Detector

    2020-12-11CM1107NS is a dual beam (single light source, dual channel) NDIR CO 2 sensor, based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, which can detect CO 2 concentration of indoor air.

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  • High precision home gas kit
    High precision home gas kit

    LZQ is a high-tech joint venture in the light of China's Rejuvenation, Great Harmony, Propagating health, Joyance Sunshine... LZQ has been accumulating over 20 years of R&D experience in export-oriented medium and high-end CNC precision cutting tool, profile fixture, brazing fixtures, wear-resistant parts, high-precision accessories, super-high rust-proof high hardness stainless steel high ...

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  • handheld O2 gas detection system
    handheld O2 gas detection system

    Ex-proof wall-mounted biogas analysis system TY-6090EX measures CH4,CO2,O2,H2S optional CO and H2 at the same time in one unit. It adopts modularization sensor design, easy for replacement and maintenance. ... In the monitoring of denitration process gas, the detection of the escape ammonia (residual ammonia) concentration at the outlet is very ...

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  • handheld ammonia gas sensor
    handheld ammonia gas sensor

    2020-12-21Features. The Tiger handheld VOC gas detector provides a dynamic detection range of 0 to 20,000 parts per million (ppm) with a minimum sensitivity of 0.001ppm (1 ppb), offering the widest measurement range of any other VOC detector on the market.

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  • best HCN gas detection equipment
    best HCN gas detection equipment

    When it comes to choosing gas detection equipment, getting the most "bang for your buck" without sacrificing worker safety is a key factor in the decision-making process. How do you decide what's best for you? Check out this blog post to review ownership options for your application and budget.

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  • pumping Formaldehyde gas detection equipment
    pumping Formaldehyde gas detection equipment

    2017-12-23METHANOL SAFE HANDLING MANUAL: TH4 EDITION IV 4.2.1 Engineering Controls 57 Ventilation 57 4.2.2 Exposure Monitoring 58 4.2.3 Personal Protective Equipment 59 4.2.4 Respiratory Protection 60 4.2.5 Chemical-resistant Clothing/Materials 60 4.3 Safety Precautions 61 4.3.1 Routine Operations 61 4.3.2 Special or High Hazard Operations 63 Confined Space Entry 63

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  • built-in pump propane gas tracer leak detection
    built-in pump propane gas tracer leak detection

    The MD-490S is a leader among portable tracer gas leak detectors. With a response time less than 0.5 seconds, sensitivity to 10-8 direct reading atm-cc/sec, and the ability to zero-out background, this is the most aggressive portable leak detector in the industry. The MD-490S is fully integrateable with our SmartChargeIII Evacuation and Backfill Station.

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  • OEM nh3 monitoring system
    OEM nh3 monitoring system

    _ • ® axetris Company of the Leister Group INFRARED SOURCES Schwarzenbergstrasse 10 CH-6056 Kaegiswil LASER GAS DETECTION [email protected] Product Datasheet Laser Gas Detection OEM Modules LGD F200-A NH3 1 General description Axetris is offering Laser Gas Detection (LGD) modules with exceptional advantages and value for the customer.

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  • cE certified carbon monoxide monitoring system
    cE certified carbon monoxide monitoring system

    Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector For Alarm System, Find Complete Details about Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector For Alarm System,Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector,Ce Certified Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector,Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector For Alarm System from Supplier or Manufacturer-Anka Sci-Tech Co., Limited

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  • H2 gas Transmitter
    H2 gas Transmitter

    The pressure transmitter covers the measurement ranges of 16 bar to 1,000 bar with media temperatures of -40 to 125&C and measures the pressure with an accuracy of 0.5% FSO. It has an impressive resistance to pressure spikes and a high overload capacity, which the DMP 336 encounters when another gas depot is connected to the pipe system, for ...

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  • 4-20ma msa gas module
    4-20ma msa gas module

    2020-6-23The analog 4-20mA I/O module provides two 24-bit inputs and two 16-bit outputs. The I/O modules offer 2500 V r.m.s. isolation, with a wide operating temperature range and Class I Division 2 hazardous location rating, making them ideal for demanding industrial installations.

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  • odm gas alert gas detection unit
    odm gas alert gas detection unit

    BW Gas Alert Micro 5 - Multiple configurations. Multi sensor gas monitor Rechargeable Lithium battery pack/ Cradle charger / Standard model / Datalogging. The BW Gas Alert Micro 5 gas detector is an extremely flexible gas monitor, fully configurable as a diffusion or pumped instrument and a very wide variety of sensors.

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  • portable methane gas detection device
    portable methane gas detection device

    Portable Propane Methane and Natural Gas Leak Detector (Batteries Included), Combustible Gas Sniffer, Gas Tester Meter Sensor with Sound Light Alarm Adjustable 4.5 out of 5 stars 523 $29.99 $ 29 . 99

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  • pump type natural Gas Concentration Detector
    pump type natural Gas Concentration Detector

    User rating: 4.3/5Price Range: $200 - $400S316 pump suction gas detector is a multi-in-one gas detector, which can continuously measure combustible, O2, CO, H2S and other toxic gases in the ambient air.It can detect up to five gases at once.The waterproof design of the meter is combined with a rubber casing to meet the most demanding requirements of the harsh environment.

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  • 4-20ma LEL Gas Concentration Detector
    4-20ma LEL Gas Concentration Detector

    Detectors for concentration of explosive, toxic or oxygen gases, with output 4-20mA. Equipped with interchangeable sensor capsule, which provides them with a quick and efficient maintenance. They have LED lights in front that indicate: service, alarm by concentration and fault. Power Continuar leyendo

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